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Summer Work & Reading 2022

Community Summer Read - required reading

For all Upper and Middle School students

Dear WMA Community,

Traditionally, we have used our core values - “Live Clean, Speak True, Work Hard, Play Fair” - to guide our thinking and choosing of the All Community Read. These values remain essential to our community and will continue to provide WMA with a framework for community living and programming.

This year, a committee of students in Grades 8 through 11 chose a book - “Out of My Mind” by Sharon Draper - for the All Community Read. 

“Out of My Mind” encompasses themes of empathy, inclusion, communication and the power of persistence. The main character faces many challenges on her journey to be understood and accepted, growing along the way and helping the people around her to grow, as well. It is a very moving story, and appropriate and engaging for Grade 6 students through adults. In keeping with our core values, “Out of My Mind” aligns with “Speak True.”

We hope that you enjoy the All Community Read and find at least one thing in the author’s message to take away and take to heart. Remember to read daily, and enjoy your summer!



Out of My Mind - Summer 2022 read

ISBN: 978416971719

Upper School: English Class Summer Read

Students in Grades 9 through postgraduate must read additional texts selected by the English Department - for the English course in which students are enrolled in the fall. Testing/class discussion on this book will take place within the English course.

Please note, students must annotate for English reading.

Other Upper School Summer Work

Class of 2023

AP Classes


Middle School Summer 2022


Our expectation (see above) is that Middle School students read “Out of My Mind,” by Sharon Draper, our all-school read. But our hope is that students are inspired to indulge in at least one of the three from our Summer Book Club (see below)!

Book Club

This summer we've selected THREE book club novels. In an effort to explore different genres, interests and reading levels, we hope you find the selections diverse - as we explore 1989 Communist Romania, life at Middlefield Prep and a "Persian inspired fantasy world" sure to keep us on the edge of our seats!

We will meet every third Tuesday on campus and in person, starting in Room 6. The plan is to relax, share our thoughts, identify new insights and enjoy a delicious treat. Feel free to attend any or all of the meetings for the books you choose to read or enjoy on your own. We will look forward to catching up with everyone at the start of the school year.  

MS Summer Book Club schedule 2022



The Math Department put together a collection of fun and familiar websites to keep math brains engaged this summer. The goal is not to learn new math but to keep the math brain sharp and well-oiled. 

Khan Academy also has a great series called “Get Ready For …” (you’ll select the target grade level). Students should start at the grade they just finished.