Finance, Business & Investment Camp (FBI)

Finance, Business & Investing

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Investigation, Imagination, Innovation, Illumination, Ignition

Fulfilling Wilbraham & Monson Academy’s mission to develop global citizens and leaders. To prepare each student for the challenges of higher education and for success as a global citizen, we promote intellectual development, physical health, personal accountability, mutual respect and commitment to service.

This is a two-week session workshop.

July 15 - 19 and July 22 - 26

Successful people don’t build their wealth by accident or overnight – they’ve learned key financial concepts to strengthen and expand their investing IQ. Students will use stock trading programs to create a portfolio and to learn how to trade.

FBI I is the secret to your future financial accomplishment! Learn why the “power of compounding” and investing in stocks is the formula for success. Students will learn how to invest in stocks, mutual funds and become successful young portfolio managers, and also build their resumes to work on Wall Street.

FBI II takes the next financial step after FBI I to learn more advanced concepts to build your financial literacy foundation. Investing strategies are learned in conjunction with developing a mock portfolio.

A mid-week New York City Financial District Trip includes day program students.

Instructor: Mr. Irzyk

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