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Ways to Support

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Wilbraham & Monson Academy has been a beacon of educational excellence for 220 years, shaping the lives of students and preparing them for a future of leadership, innovation and impact. To propel the Academy into the next chapter of its story, we are proud to announce the Legacy of of Excellence Endowment Bequest Campaign.

There are many ways to include WMA in your estate. Most are very straightforward, requiring little more than a phone call or a few clicks of your mouse. Below are a few options that other WMA supporters have used. Choose an option that works best for you, and make a positive impact on the Academy.

Want to discuss the options below, or already made WMA part of your estate?

COntact us

Multiple Methods, Same Outcome

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Note: Every person’s circumstances and needs are different. WMA cannot provide tax or legal advice, and you should always consult your financial or legal advisor.